Terms and Conditions

Testing services subject to terms and conditions available on request. All work carried out on a completely confidential and impartial basis. Clients are respectfully reminded that staff cannot be held responsible for unconfirmed telephone instructions. All requests should be confirmed in writing.

Clients should fill in the test request sheet with all relevant information such as quality, reference numbers, fibre composition, end use, retailer etc. as failure
to do so may result in a delay in completion of the report, wrong tests being carried out and possible additional costs.

Where tests are specifically made on the face of the cloth, it is essential the material is clearly marked accordingly. While every care is taken, staff can't be held responsible for misjudgment on unmarked cloths.

The final test report will not be issued until all tests are complete, faxed results may be given on request. Duplicate certificates can be issues but charges may be levied depending on the time involved.

The remains of tested samples will not be returned unless specifically requested in writing, however, samples will be retained for three calendar months from date of report, after which samples will be destroyed unless alternative arrangements are made.

Normal Service
Colour Fastness and stability - 3 days
Physical = 3 to 4 days

Express Service
With the exception of fibre analysis and colour fastness to light, results for the majority of tests can be given on a next day service. Where necessary preliminary reports will be faxed the next day with colour fastness to light and fibre analysis results to follow as soon as available. If express service is required, this must be clearly marked on the test request sheet. This service does carry a surcharge of 50%.

Fabrics / samples required
Colour fastness and stability : 1/2 metre
Physical tests : 1 metre
Flammability Tests : 1 1/2 metre
Garment Cleanse : 2 garments

For a copy of our full price list please send us a request from the form on our contact page.

Written estimates can also be supplied on request.

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